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Note: these are Clues, not spoilers! They have already
happened by the date given and provide a clue of what
might come ..

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January 19, 2009
Kay's old kidnapper is back in action (and his henchman is
already romancing Esther)! Sorry to be the bearer of bad soap tidings, but last time this storyline happened, it dragged on for months and months and months ...
Daniel has changed his image. He has gone a bit more
mainstream, to match, it seems, his emergence as the voice of reason in Amber's zany life ...

December 26, 2008
Murphy is gonna help Katherine go home and in real life, according to Murphy's Law, whatever can go wrong will
go wrong ...!

December 15, 2008
Payback is the word of the day and it is increasingly evident
that past crimes are coming back to haunt people. Be warned, Adam! By the way, it is a rather interesting coincidence that
Blake Carrington's long lost son on
Dynasty was Adam and he
also turned out to be ruthlessly evil when it suited his purposes, especially when it came to turning on his powerful papa, so be warned Victor ...!

P.S. Just an added bit of trivia to make your day. Miguel,
Victor's former servant, once played a bartender on an
early episode of

November 16, 2008
Katherine has many allies in Genoa City ...
Jill is overconfident about inheriting the Chancellor empire ...
Ashley has become the most important person in Victor's life ...

November 6, 2008
Ashley and Nicki continue to work together, driven by
concern for Victor. Vic feels he has lost everything. However,
he has lost sight of the fact that he shares a daughter with
Ashley, and that daughter, Abby, has never disappointed him ...
Billy and Lily continue to connect, a la "You've Got Mail, " the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie about a couple who fall in love via email (internet chatting was not yet common back then).

October 28, 2008
* Overly confident Jack has just dug himself into a very deep
   hole and alienated Adam - who has Victor Newman's genes!
   Furthermore, Sharon has doubts about the future of their
* Victor continues his self-imposed exile, which leads him to
   bare his soul where it is safe - in a confessional.

October 13, 2008
* Nicki's loyalty to Victor is unwavering, regardless of past
   differences ...
* Adam's fingerprints are on the pens he handed the forger!
* Eden is smart but she is also a wild child. Will she change

October 3, 2008
* Chloe wants assurances from Amber that she and Billy
   are not serious ...
* Nick is there for Sharon and Noah - always ...
* Phylis' vicious side has resurfaced, Note: this is like the
   Phylis we remember from years back, who tried to run
   over Christine and kill her, out of sheer jealousy! Creepy.

September 27, 2008
* Eden is intelligent but unaccustomed to socializing in a
  school setting ...
* Victor's family have chased him out of town, which means
  only a good and trusted old friend might succeed in convincing
  him to go back ...

September 12, 2008
* Kevin continues to express his disdain for being mainstream.
* Viewers are reminded that Kev has indeed done his fair share
  of hacking ...

September 2, 2008
* Now that Adam feels that Vic's letter shows he considers
  him less than Nick, and Vic is about to return and get mad
  at Adam, how will Adam's anger toward his biological father 
  manifest itself ...?
* After Jill accuses Chloe of entrapping Cane only cos he is a
  Chancellor, Kay warns Chloe that Jill is a pill, but she is pretty
  smart ...

August 22, 2008
* Adam cannot bear the thought of losing Heather...
* Chloe continues to antagonize Jill ...
* Brad is so smug about outsmarting Jill and Cane that he
   must have even more aces up his sneaky sleeve! However,
   his own scheming might have made him a tad overconfident
   and thus sloppy in covering up his own past wrongdoings ...

August 15, 2008
* Tracy Abbot was not pleased with the board meeting ...
* Glo and Jeffrey keep tabs on the Jabot goings on ...
* Jill fears Chloe could be bad for Cane's image at Jabot ...

August 8, 2008
* Brad is convinced that one way or another, he is going to get
   himself to the plum position of Jabot CEO.
* Neil seems doubtful that Chloe's claims are entirely
   unfounded ...
* Victor has intentionally left all traces of his past life behind ...

July 29, 2008
* Jack wants the magazine to keep selling regardless of
  the Sabrina slander it includes. He feels a bit bad but believes
  business come first ...
* Adam is very worried about Sky ...

July 25, 2008
* Paul and JT are still a great sleuthing team ...
* Victor now knows Jack was responsible for slandering
   Sabrina ...
* Sharon is pleased that Jack saved the magazine regardless
   of his methods ...

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