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WEEK OF APRIL 27, 2015

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- Clint takes Theresa to Kristen.
- Brady returns and demands his son.
- Brady, Mel and Theresa are castle captives!
- Will works to save his marriage.
- Clyde tries to intimidate the son of Sami!
- Chad and Abi kiss.
- Drugged Theresa wakes up. Mel is by her side.
- Marlena comes to the castle!
- Kristen's got a gun on her blonde enemy!
- Here come the Italian cops I mentioned months ago!
- Theresa meets her baby boy!
- Kristen departs with DiMera-esque drama.
- She struggles with Marlena, falls out the window!
- Someone else goes to see Paul.
- Back in Salem Serena screws up.
- Clyde has hoodwinked Aiden.
- Clyde creates conflict for Hope and Aiden.
- Adrienne vs. Kate!
- Victor vows to protect the family.
- The threat of a DiMera vendetta looms.
- Nicole and Dan are not gonna make it.
- Nicole and Eric are drawn together ...
- Rafe helps Nicole.

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