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WEEK OF JULY 6, 2015

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Will reacts.
- Sonny's words have a huge impact.
- Nicole gets caught up in the moment.
- JJ knows just who has been tailing him.
- Paige plots to make her mother pay.
- Rafe has his eye on Hope. Kate notices!
- Rafe and Hope BOTH are crushing!
- Zander intimidates Nicole.
- Eric is out for Zander's blood!
- Serena gets a risky chance at redemption.
- Nicole's future is not entirely in her hands.
- Daniel is not her destiny ...
- Chad seeing Zoe makes Abigail see red.
- A secret sizzles ...
- Abigail needs a pregnancy test!
- Lucas fears Adrienne has feelings for Justin.
- Theresa is jealous of the nanny.
- Brady doesn't give a damn.
- Stefano seems to want an alliance with Victor.
- He knows there is something about that Clyde ...
- The town picnic is just around the corner.

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