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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Kristen has something to say to Marlena.
- Sleeping John needs his miracle now!
- BIG: Kristen could be John's SALVATION!
- Brady gets cold feet.
- Theresa gets a goodbye gesture.
- Sami and Kate scramble to stop Stefano.
- Stefano the great and powerful is seen again!
- Sami and Nicole butt their stubborn heads.
- Aiden KISSES Hope for real!
- Hope is shocked by her actions.
- Eric is asked for a frantic favor.
- Kristen and Theresa have catfight number 1!
- Sami suspects EJ of doing Stefano's bidding.
- EJ wonts her to trust him ...
- Abi wants to save her and Ben.
- Eric must deal with Kristen directly.
- Eric has an unexpected reply for Kristen ...
- Things get sinister in Salem.
- Is Clyde in over his seedy head?!
- A creepy character could spell a cliffhanger!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
September 1 -  5, 2014
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