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WEEK OF APRIL 21, 2014

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- EJ feels the pressure of the pictures!
- High drama at DiMera mansion when that photo of
  EJ and Abigail is discovered!
- Nick talks tough with Sami and continues to manipulate
  Gabi, who now fears her daughter will be taken from her.
  Nick and Gabi enlist Aiden to represent their interests
  in the battle for baby Ari.
- EJ explodes at Kate!
- Someone gets closer to an inconvenient truth.
- Here comes Liam's ex, the only one who can reveal what
  really happened to end her marriage with the dangerous maniac ...
  and Nicole gets to meet her!
- Dan's hearing does not go well.
- Marlena and Jen discuss the dangerous DiMeras.
- JJ worries he will lose his love after they argue.
- Theresa will not go quietly into the night. On another
  front, she finds herself afraid of Liam ...
- Daniel is barking up the wrong tree. He needs help. Nicole
  knows how she could save her friend, but will she ...?!
  She turns to law enforcement Rafe for assistance.
- Jen is puzzled by new proof and tries to put the pieces
  of the puzzle together. Little does she know she has been
  followed to Horton cabin by Liam ...
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April 21 - April 25, 2014
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