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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Jen tells Dan they are through. Again!
- Mini diva Ciara has an agenda.
- Abigail is in denial.
- Lucas and Sami share a final farewell.
- A new opportunity knocks for Will.
- Sonny sadly supports Will, whatever he decides
- Will realizes how deep is Sonny's love.
- Chad and Jordan smooch!
- Kristen's scheme goes straight to hell!
- Brady is really rattled.
- What in the world was Dan thinking?!
- Sami kinda forgives Abigail.
- Eve takes a fit at Kayla for helping JJ's cause.
- Aiden's past shows up and she happens to be Hope's friend!
- Marlena overhears a very telling Theresa vs John screamfest.
- Sami faces the future and says her sad goodbyes.
- Have tissues ready ...
- Psssst. A pregnancy is in the works!
- Brady has an unhappy Halloween.
- P.S. The rumor about a faked death still has no timeline ...
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 27 -  31, 2014
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