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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Jordan rages at Clyde.
- Will and Sonny have heated words.
- There's a new girl in town ...
- Serena is her name and journalism is her game.
- Serena used to be Eric's LOVER!
- Eric will remember it well.
- Sonny's plate runneth over ...
- Paul is Sonny’s old LOVER!
- Paul wants him back. Sonny says no!
- Rafe rages at Kate cos he knows what she did!
- Eve turns to Theresa for salvation.
- Dan gets a call about Mel. It makes her nervous.
- Mel advises Abi against trusting Chad the cad.
- Victor denounces the new DiMera era.
- Victor stands by Sonny.
- The lines between Kiriakis and DiMera are drawn!
- Mel lights up Brady's life.
- Adrienne knows what Sonny is hiding!
- Hot head Ben discovers Clyde's deceit.
- Chase makes a strange comment.
- Hope does not know the whole story.
- (Though unseen, Kristen's pregnancy progresses).
- Poor troubled Theresa!
- Mel is followed by DANGER!
- A man and a woman corner Mel!
- Stefano spooks Katarrrina face to face.
- PSSST! Pay close attention to the Theresa/Brady baby
saga cos Kristen is briefly back this spring to wrap it up!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
December 1 -  5, 2014
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