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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Paige poses big questions about Jack …
- Kayla is uncomfortable.
- Jen needs help against Eve.
- Will Julie team up with Jen?
- Kristen plays more mind games.
- EJ is betrayed by Chad.
- Stefano denounces EJ!
- EJ no longer has the protection of a DiMera.
- Sami and Will clash about his writing again.
- Will realizes Chad wanted to use him.
- EJ is enraged at new enemy Clyde.
- Someone comes between Jordan and Ben.
- Chad charms Abi and asks Jordan on a date!
- John socks it to Kristen and Theresa!
- Marlena and John are a united front.
- Brady is shocked and bewildered.
- JJ worries he is not worthy.
- Paige worries she has lost JJ.
- Chad and EJ have an intense moment.
- Rafe has grave concerns about Kate.
- Sami is stunned by what she finds!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 6 -  10, 2014
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