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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Dan finally finds a way to cause trouble for Kristen.
- Eric and Nicole are going to Rome, land of romance
  but also the Vatican!
- Sami is still acting out.
- Adrienne is appalled.
- Sonny asks Victor to intervene on the matter of Will
  vs. Sami cos he is looking out for Will ...
- Eric is filled with mortal desire.
- Kristen remains defiant and delusional.
- Things get wild in Rome.
- Will Jordan and Rafe survive Sami's reveal?
  At first Rafe is furious.
  Sami misunderstands his intentions with her ...
- Kate ruins things for EJ, who believes he is close
  to a rapid reconciliation with the woman he loves.
- Rafe reaches out to Jordan.
- Eric ends up getting even more upset with Nicole!
- Paige has changed her pretty little mind.
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August 4 -  8, 2014
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