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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Sami and EJ grow clooooser.
- Will's scandalous career ain't over yet!
- Hope dreams of Aiden.
- Hope tries to separate the past from the future.
- Kate needs dirt on EJ.
- Sami is asked to lie.
- Crooked Clyde has a proposition for EJ ...
- Abi decides desperate times call for desperate measures.
- Abi locks herself in with Ben cos she wants to!
- Jen fears she and Dan are never ever getting back together.
- Brady gets an update on the miracle drug from the doctors.
- Hope feels threatened by Nicole.
- Theresa boasts to Kristen about being in Brady's bed.
- Kristen is out for Theresa's blood!
- Eve plots a party payback.
- Paige gets cold feet with hot JJ!
- John could be saved by the miracle drug!
- Will reaches out to his mother.
- Chad is "back" and he knows plenty!
- Chad embraces the DiMera in him.
- EJ, however, had no idea Chad would show up!
- Brady and Marlena wait and watch and watch and wait ...
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
September 8 -  12, 2014
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