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Tuesday, August 30, 2011
up by 5:58 pm August 29




- At the pub, Gabi and Will are ready to transport the food for today’s BBQ at the beach. Caroline has apparently provided lots of coleslaw!
Will had assumed Chad and Abigail would meet them, but they have not arrived. They go out to find them and walk by the pair making out. Chad and Abigail later exit the pub carrying food and drinks and are extremely disappointed to hear Sonny does not plan to attend. They insist he come, so he agrees.
- Dan and Jen are at the beach, hunkering down for the BBQ. Dan has the charcoal ready. Dario and Mel arrive. Kinsey and T show up. He makes a snide remark about grandparents being present, then explains he had no idea old chaperones would be in attendance. Mel gets mad at him.  Dario wants him to apologize for being a jerk. T says he is sorry and claims he was joking. Dan and Jen get sarcastic. He is the only joke here! Kinsey ushers him off to the water.
- At the rehab center, Nicholas visits Carly, who is up and about. She admits she is on edge, as this will be her first session with Dr Norman. Nicholas offers to walk her to her office. Carly thinks that would be nice. They head there together and Dr. Norman invites him to stay. She feels they have much to explore. Carly blinks. She does not think it wise but the doctor wants to delve into her addiction beginning with her family problems. She suspects Carly feels guilty, hence her hesitation to include her son. Dr. Norman reasons she just wants them to be honest with each other, for a change! Carly defends her son, who has never lied to her.
Dr. Norman points out they say the same thing again and again to each other, while the truth remains off limits. She perceives that Carly feels guilty, whereas Nicholas is angry. Nicholas understands. Dr. Norman
now has a question for Carly about how she felt when she saw her son
at the clinic. Wonderful. Dr. Norman has a harder question. What else
did she feel? And she wants the whole truth. Carly whispers that she felt terrified. She does not want to hurt him and recalls how he must have hated her after what happened. Nicolas argues he is still here. The doc thinks Carly is trying to decide what he feels. Nicholas points out that he wanted to stay. Carly cries there is something else. She does not wish to face that maybe he cannot forgive her for killing his father. Nicholas is
not happy. He lashes out at the doctor, calling her an emotionless robot. She points out he is ignoring his mother. But he should look at her and explore how he feels. Carly is crying. Nicholas blurts out they seem to
be avoiding the real issue ...
- At the hospital, Rafe wants to know what Sami's complications were as Roman listens. Lexie explains her pulse shot up and they gave her meds
to bring her back to normal, but then she lost consciousness again. They have been unable to wake her up. Rafe becomes upset. Lexie adds it was probably a reaction to the anesthesia. Roman is dismayed. Lexie promises she will soon have good news despite how it sounds and goes back to the patient. Roman assures Rafe she will be fine, for she is strong. "She'd better be!" Rafe sighs. The two men wait at the nurse's station. Roman realizes this must be killing Rafe. Rafe drawls he was supposed to protect her. After all they have been through, this is simply not fair! Roman assures him Lexie is a professional. Rafe laments Sami is alone in there. Roman insists she knows he is here, as they have such a powerful bond. And he is lucky he found the person who makes him feel this way. Rafe tells himself it will be okay. Lexie returns with a smile and leads them back into Sami's room, where the patient is sleeping. Rafe sits at her side and takes her hand. "Sami, it's me. We're here." She opens her eyes and they embrace. Roman breathes a sigh of relief.
- Dan and Jen have been doing all the work at the BBQ. They decide not to stay after Sonny, Chad, and Abigail arrive. They are still smarting from T's rude comments. T approaches and Will is unable to prevent him from trashing Sonny. Sonny warns him not to ruin the party. T cannot control his rage. "The gay guy goes or I go!" he snaps. Will suggests he chill out. Dan stares at the scene. T storms off. Sonny thinks they should pretend that didn't happen and play volleyball. Abigail has to get back to the pub. The guys go off to play. Jen is very bothered by what happened. Does that T person not know it is 2011?  Dan approves of how the other kids handled it ...
- At the pub, Mel stops Dario from using his phone. No work. Today is
all about them! They kiss. Abigail walks in and asks if they need help. Dario kisses Mel, then goes to get the other cooler. Abigail asks Mel if they will be returning to the beach soon. T went homophobic on Sonny again and even tried to give his friends an ultimatum. Jen was mad about it, too, and she rarely gets mad. Mel mentions her own mom and Abigail asks how she is. She knows not as she has been unable to call her. She just wishes Nicholas would go see her, as he is the one who could help her ...
- Nicholas explains to Carly he gets his father was a bastard but did he really deserve to die? What if he had been able to change? Carly got the chance to change but took away his chance. He exclaims she cannot understand his feelings that his and his father's relationship could have been fixed. Now he will never know. Because of what she did, his father is gone for good! Now it is Carly's turn to speak and speak she does ...

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