A floating storyline is a storyline which was never resolved/concluded, and, in some sad cases, never even did more than begin!
Like clouds in the sky, they floated away with the wind, leaving viewers to wonder when, if ever, they would return.
The floating storyline phenomenen seems to be on the rise.
Consider the following floaters ...

UPDATE as of December 10, 2005

You didn't think we'd all floated away, did you! Never!
Now, to business ...

Certain floaters have been grounded, though new ones are flying around Salem. The latest floater is Max's cool and glamorous racing career and nice clothes for they are long gone ...

Another floater is Kate's common sense and savvy! She would never have admitted her hospital computer fiasco to that guard! Where has her slyness floated off to - and will it ever return!

UPDATE as of January 6, 2005

John Black's character is no longer a shell of what it once was - it is
now a STONED shell of what it once was!

Meanwhile, Shawn D. was robbed of his memory and is continually compared to Bo - the poor lad's entire identity has floated away, much to the chagrin of all the under 25 gals!

UPDATE as of December 3, 2004

Poor Brady's career and interests must have floated away with his
"Grandad" ... Nowadays all he ever does is wonder about Chloe or Nicole or Nicole or Chloe or Chloe or Nicole!

The fact that Salemites take only showers of late must mean that all
the bathtubs in Salem have floated away, never to be seen again!
Rumor has it that they have been kidnapped by the DiMeras as well
(the bathtubs, that is!)

UPDATE as of November 16, 2004

Good heavens! Horton the tiger has continued to roam around Salem for so long now that everyone's dog, kitty, etc. must have been gobbled up ... Watch your back, Max!

DATE as of November 1, 2004

How unsettling that Brandon's international life and lovelife must have floated away while he was on the plane to Salem. Surely the women
were lining up back in London!

Meanwhile, Kate's corporate edge has floated way up, over the clouds as well, never to be seen again ... (beads and jackets alone do not a businesswoman make!)

UPDATE as of September 23, 2004

Holy makeover! The DiMera mansion replica has finally appeared in New Salem, looking better than Graceland or Buckingham Palace! Wayne Newton, eat your heart out!
Mega-fun stuff that the DiMeras are the masterminds, hosts, etc. ...

* However, the appearing ghosts from way back when have yet
   to be explained ...

UPDATE as of September 20, 2004

* Nice to see that John Black is back in the swing of things and
   Tony will be badder than bad but ...

   I held off on posting this floater for months, giving folks time
   to reconstruct that magnificent set so ... where is it guys?!

UPDATE as of June 26, 2004

* All previously mentioned floaters continue to float, with the
   exception of John Black's storyline. He now has one but his
   ISA contacts seem to have floated elsewhere ...

* Salem University has now floated off into the blue yonder, as has   
   everyone's major ...

* Rex's brainpower has floated far away, never to be seen again ...

* Paging Harold! Oh, he was so sweet and Jennifer could really use a
   friend right now - a real bosom buddy, more than just a shirtless
   wannabe pirate like Patrick ... Harold, where or where have you 
   floated to?! Do come back!

* The notion of logic and the concept of time have floated out of
   Salem, where a day is now a month long, without any days in
   between, and only holidays may exist ...

* Horton the tiger continues to float around town, looking for his next
   meal, but the Keystone Cops appear too preoccupied with their killer
   of an investigation to give it much thought. Here, kitty ...!
Rumor has it he is on a mission to locate his old pal, Dumbo
   the Elephant ...

* There used to be an ISA agent called Ops, who could show up
   anywhere and do just about anything, but he seems to have been
   M.I.A. for months! And, to make matters worse, poor recently
   lobotomized John, his pal and partner, hasn't even noticed ...!

* Stefano's will turned out to be a bunch of hype but if writers wish
   to use bits and pieces of it (i.e. Marlena's pricked finger), they will   
   need to put their heads together to figure out what on earth 
   everything else people were left might mean! So many days have
   gone by, yet the meaning of Stefano's will continues to float further 
   and further away, which begs the question - if even the writers knew  
   not what everything left by Stefano meant, why did they show that 
   scene ...? Looks like the Phoenix has duped even the writers and thus
   had the last laugh!

* Where ya bin Vin?! Remember Vin Ramsel? Apparently the writers 
   don't! Months and months ago he warned Bo that things weren't yet
   finished between them and then just slunk away into oblivion ... I
   wonder if it had something to do with the fact that he was dubbed
  "Damsel Ramsel" on the Days Cafe Logic Bloopers page ... or
   might it have been because he was accused of  wearing the pumps of
   a Club Echelon transvestite? (the only logical explanation as to
   how he appeared taller in some scenes than in others!) Either way,
   the mighty Vin and his pumps have now become a floater ...

* Celeste used to be preoccupied with the feeling that Stefano
   was alive ... (amazing how those vibes can vanish when writers
   want them to, leaving the actors to face the music!)

* Basic Black and Titan's accounts must have all floated away ...

Update as of January 8, 2004 - Copies of the Salem Spectator have miraculously appeared - oh, miracle of miracles! Now, if only they would have someone actually writing the paper ...
In addition, Funnyman Bart has made an appearance, but will any follow ...?
Other floaters continue to float ...

* Writers allow him to walk around town, trying to hang around
   cops Bo and Hope, but not much else. John Black's entire
   character has become a human floater - a mere shell of the
   ISA honcho/entrepreneur he once was ... A thump on the head
   to the writers responsible! Budget cuts do not affect creativity!

*  Speaking of human floaters ... is Tek EVER going to get a last
    name that gets mentioned from time to time - or an identity???
    How about a life?!

*  Where has the Spectator gone? Does Salem not have a daily
    newspaper anymore ...?

*  Mimi's younger brother gets left at home all the time by Bonnie
    while there is a serial killer on the loose! Was that poor kid
    a ghost when we saw him back in the day when Mimi and clan
    lived in a car?! Will he ever re-appear?

* How long has it been since the diner was shown? (a year?)
   Poor Fay must be out of a job! And why doesn't she show up
   to offer her support for daughter Nicole, the murder suspect...?

* Who said "Sleeeeeep Marlena, sleeeeeep?" in those strange old 
   flashbacks of Marlena's anyway? (perhaps the writers who dropped
   it were the ones who really needed to wake up?)

* Where did Caprice vanish to? How did she know that Celeste was
   Frankie and what secret did she know about her past?

* Where has Isabella's ghost gone - and why has Brady forgotten
   about meeting her?

* Where did Hartley House go? Has it burned down ...?

* The mayor tried to check out of town when it was discovered he was
   involved in a scandal but ... who is the mayor now and why were
   there no elections?

* When it was already December, and no one had attended a single 
   class at Salem University!

* Brothers John and Tony mended fences and decided to move on ...
   where did their developing relationship go? John suddenly accused
   Tony of being a killer, as though we had all been transported back
   in time ...

* Why did Stefano pay to make Hattie look just like Marlena?

* Whatever happened to that "spaceship" Rex was building? (Mimi
   even found the blueprints)

* Where did the Fancy Face go - and now that they have good revenue
   coming in (2 cops' salaries), why don't Bo and Hope try to get their
   beloved boat back?????

Like sands through the hourglass, some floating storylines end up becoming full fledged logic bloopers, which begs the question -
will the above mentioned floaters also find their way into that dreaded writer's abyss also known as the
Days Cafe Logic Bloopers page?
Stay tuned!
More floaters to come! And that's a fact!

Floating Storylines ...