Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

WEEK OF APRIL 13 +, 2015

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- Kristen mayhem hits mid-week!

- The DiMera reach is far and furious.

- So far it is not true Sami is returning ...
- A young romance is at risk.
- Justin's full story would shock Adrienne!
- Brady and Mel not meant to last. Le sigh!
- Eric and Nicole are drawn together.
- Kristen now said to start appearing in April.
- YES! BO and STEVE (PATCH) are soon back in action!
- Kayla/Steve's son is soon the new troubled teen in town!
- JJ changes.
- Chloe confirmed for a few appearances!
- Italian cops come spring?! Oooo

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
April 13 +, 2015
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