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WEEK OF June 8 +, 2015

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- A mystery has been solved.
- Nicole is a survivor again!
- Abi and Chad face the aftermath of their actions.
- Chad thinks she'd be better off without him.
- Eric does some soul searching.

- YES!!!! Jason Cook comes back as Shawn D!
- A new teen scene is seen in Salem.
- JJ is on the road to redemption ...
- Rafe realizes his feelings for Hope run deep!
- Chad battles with his brother cos ...
- THAAO PENGHLIS - aka Tony/Andre - BACK!
- Hope's granddaughter comes home a teenager.
- Tony's return changes everything!
- Sonny leaves but DOES NOT DIE!
- Sami appears this year!
- Gabi is back by summer but only for a while.
- Justin is drawn into the Kiriakis dynasty.
- John and Marlena are NOT over!
- Paige has a lookalike?!
- Serena is slowly written OUT. Zander goes as well.
- Bo and Steve (Patch) are back in action THIS FALL!
- Bo proves he is still a HERO.
- Kayla/Steve's son is the new troubled teen in town!
- Kayla will be getting good airtime.
- Chloe hates Nicole being near her son. Ooooo
- JJ tries to save Paige from a pusher.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
June 8 +, 2015
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